Non-metallic Filter

Non-metallic filter media include fiber glass, PP, cotton, paper and etc. It is widely used in solid-liquid filter industries for filter of water, oil and air.

1,Non-metallic fine filter: Solid-liquid filters, water and air filters, Self-cleaning filters, High purity filters, Oil filters, LPG recovery filters, Solid-liquid separators, Fiber sintered filter, fine filter FLJFN-I type, FLJFN-I-type fine filter. FLJFN-I-type fibers sintered filter is used to handle large, long life precision filtration. For liquid filtration, filtration accuracy ranges 1-125 um.

2, Line winding filter: FLJFN-II-type fine filters, filter parts are FN-II-type wire wound filter with filtering capacity, pollutant carrying capacity, the advantages of wide range of applications, mainly used for liquid filtration, filtration accuracy of 0.5-100 um.

3, PP folding filter: Fine filter FLJFN-III-type, the filter parts are FN-III folding polypropylene filter with a filter of high precision, large capacity, etc. Can be used for liquid, gas filtration with a filtration accuracy of 0.1-60 um.

Quality Control

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